Thursday, 28 August 2014

Attempting A French Manicure With H&M

H&M French Manicure Kit | £4.99

Yesterday I did my first ever french manicure. Which sounds a bit odd coming from someone who blogs about beauty but I've never had the urge to do my nails this way. I spotted this kit in H&M last week and decided to finally attempt one. So I thought I would share my result and give a little review of the kit for you all!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Creating A Cacti Garden

With no real holiday planned this summer I've been making my Dad feel really guilty about his trip to Crete at the beginning of September (not that bad I promise just the old "gosh I could just be sat on the beach there right now it looks so gorgeous" kind of stuff). Anyhow because of this my Dad has started suggesting random little things to do to make up for it, he wanted to go cycling with me the other day but I was in the middle of taking some blog pictures so he was like "why don't we buy a background for your photos". Now I could of easily asked for some wallpaper or something like that, but I've been reading a lot of ABM recently and really loved their Cacti Garden post so yeah you can guess what I asked for.

Monday, 25 August 2014

New Things

I've made four new additions to my beauty stash in the last week so I thought as something a little bit different I would give a little first impression of each product and why they have made their way into my collection. I'm going to get straight into discussing each product as I have a feeling I'm going to write a novel about each, so here are my new things!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

5 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week #6

Happy Sunday! I hope you've all had a great week despite autumn creeping around the corner. I also hope those who got their exam results in the past two weeks got the grades they wanted, for once I wasn't one of you as I've just done a Level 3 Btec this year, but next year hopefully I'll get to go and do my AS Levels for the second time, I'm finding out very soon! Anyway I've had a lovely week that I've mostly spent at my Grandparent's so I'm writing my highlights for you all once again as I share my 5 things that have made me happy this week! Let's get into it.

1. Going To My Grandparents

You're all probably sick to death of me mentioning it but yes I had a lovely time at my Grandparents in Lancashire for the first half of the week. I've been getting stressed recently as I'll be finding out what my future is looking like very soon so it was nice just to get away for a bit and be able to walk around the countryside and breath, my living situation at home means I really do need to get away and have me time every now and again so I've really appreciated it and seeing my Grandparents and other relatives up there of course.

2. Food Glorious Food

Being still of a young age my Grandparents will treat the hell out of me when I visit and this mostly comes in the form of food. We had Dominoes, KFC, trifle, sausage sandwiches and much more. I don't even want to think about the weight I've gained but It really is nice to indulge every now and again.

3. Meeting Missy

I've already written about meeting my relative's dog this week so click here to read all about that. It may seem odd that meeting a dog made me particularly happy but I do have a fear of dogs and meeting Missy was a unique experience for me and made me feel a lot more optimistic with the idea of eventually overcoming my fear someday.

4. Home Comforts

It really is true what they say that the best part of going on holiday is coming back home. Even though I didn't have a proper holiday it was nice coming back on Wednesday and getting to sleep in my bed again. I'm also having my TOM at the moment so it's nice to just get to be lazy while I curl up on my couch, eat ice cream and watch comedies (we all do that right?).

5. I Shake It Off, I Shake It Off!

Ok so I'm not one for calling myself a Swiftie or anything like that but my music guilty pleasures mostly consist of Taylor Swift and Glee so when her new single was released I watched the video and it literally was in my head for the rest of the day, I downloaded it the day after and it's all I've listened to, it just makes me want to dance like an idiot and it makes me feel happy instantly!

So that's what has made me happy this week, what about you?

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Afternoon In Skipton

I'm back with another photo filled post today but this time I wanted to keep it a lot more casual. Before I had to leave my Grandparents and return home on Wednesday we decided to spend the afternoon in the lovely town of Skipton. I've posted about this place before because this is where my coach picks me up from to take me home. It was market day in Skipton so rather than go to the Castle we decided to have a shop round and have ice cream! Here are a few snaps from my afternoon.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Meeting Missy | On Being Afraid Of Dogs

Meet Missy. She belongs to my Grandad's daughter Beverly and we have something in common, we are both afraid of dogs. Ironic right? I met her the other day whilst staying at my Grandparents and as soon as they reminded me that Beverly has a dog whilst we were driving there I got very anxious. I've been afraid of dogs for as long as I can remember, my Mum said that when I was about 3 I went to stroke a dog and it jumped up and started barking at me, ever since I honestly get so terrified of dogs when I'm around one.

It may seem like a irrational fear and it may very well be, but it isn't the easiest to live with. As a child I hated going for walks and would avoid going to parks as much as I could, I've met too many people to count who've made a joke out of my fear and even barked at me. I feel so bad asking people to put their dog in another room when I go to their house and half the people seize the opportunity to suddenly cure my fear, which always involves getting me to approach and let their dog be around which never helps. 

I've got used to being around one or two dogs before when at people's houses. I didn't have long with Missy and she was particularly jumpy and excited to see my Grandparents, but she didn't try to jump on me, it was strange it was like she knew I was scared and didn't want to make me more anxious. She came up to me when I was sat on Beverly's sofa and put her paw on my arm, my Nan was going "stroke her" and she was looking straight at me with her big brown eyes and eventually I did give her a few strokes on her back, I know it was a small moment but it was really surreal and that was when Beverly said that Missy is scared of dogs too. After we got home and I saw my photos of her I really wish I'd tried harder to pet Missy more. I'm definitely not cured of my fear but I definitely think that did something for me, everything is progress with these things. 

So that's really what I wanted to talk about today, I know this post is a little random but I met a special creature today and I've wanted to talk about my fear for a while now.

Below is a paragraph from a book that really stuck with me as a child, I used to love The Series Of Unfortunate Events Books and when I read this around the age of ten it really got me thinking about my fear and whether it is rational or irrational.

“There are two kinds of fears; rational and irrational - or, in simple terms, fears that make sense and fears that don't. For instance, the Baudelaire orphans have a fear of Count Olaf, which makes perfect sense, because he is an evil man who wants to destroy them. But if they were afraid of lemon meringue pie, this would be an irrational fear, because lemon meringue pie is delicious and has never hurt a soul. Being afraid of a monster under the bed is perfectly rational, because there may in fact be a monster under your bed at any time, ready to eat you all up, but a fear of realtors is an irrational fear. Realtors, as I'm sure you know, are people who assist in the buying and selling of houses. Besides occasionally wearing an ugly yellow coat, the worst a realtor can do to you is show you a house that you find ugly, and so it is completely irrational to be terrified of them.” - Lemony Snicket

Do you have a strange fear? Have you tried anything to deal with it?

Thursday, 21 August 2014

My Five Product Face

Because I've been away from home for half the week not being in my normal environment made me really not care about how I looked. It was such a nice feeling and I even went most days without makeup! The day I could be bothered to put makeup on however was still so minimal, I've wanted to do a five product face post for a while but I could never narrow the products I used down so never bothered. However I've managed to get down to five products so today I am sharing a really simple look that covers the bases for me. Personally I need coverage, oil control, something for my brows and lashes and I just wouldn't feel right without something on my lips. So here is my simple 5 product face, for when I can't be bothered to wear makeup, need to nip out to the shops or am in a hurry!

1. Revlon Colourstay Foundation For Oily/Combination Skin | £12.49

If you have clear skin or just the odd spot then you could switch this step for some concealer or a tinted moisturiser, but I have a lot of blemishes, redness and every other thing teen related with my skin so this foundation from Revlon is perfect, it's not as good for in a rush but I do personally need something with decent coverage so you could easily switch it for something more suited for you. 

2. Urban Decay De Slick Mattifying Powder | £19.50

I've really hit pan on this powder as you can see in the photo but I really do love this stuff. I simply apply this translucent powder onto my t-zone where I get the most shine. I'm not really one for touching up my makeup but I never feel like I have to put anymore of this stuff on. 

3. Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara | £4.99

Since getting this product and doing my brows for the first time I can't go without it. It just makes such a difference for me as my brows are pretty sparse and this gives a nice subtle bit of definition to them. It doesn't take me long to apply either as I all I do is brush the product through my brows quickly.

4. Benefit They're Real Mascara | £19.50

Because I was away from home I took a mini with me of one of my favourite mascaras. I love this because it gives a nice mixture of length and volume and really holds a curl and lasts well. Highly recommend this product. 

5. Carmex Moisture Plus Tinted Lip Balm in Peach | £4.49 (currently on offer for £2.99)

This is genuinely one of my favourite lip products and I've used it so much since purchasing it last summer. I'd attempt to describe the colour because it definitely isn't orange but I'd do a terrible job, I think the picture above shows it well though so hopefully you can make do with seeing it on me.

What products do you have to put on even if you're just nipping out? Or can you go barefaced?