Thursday, 31 July 2014

My Month In Photos | July

Becoming Head Chef At Home | Visiting My Grandparents In Colne | Botanical Gardens With Stef | Finally Can Use My Camera Properly In The Manual Setting | Tour De France Fever | Farm Fun With The Sister | Pretzel Addiction | Many, Many Bike Rides | Watching The Sun Rise | Making My Own Iced Coffee! | The Best Bike Ride With My Dad | The Most Beautiful Lake 

I feel like I've kept you all very updated with my life this past month, I've not done anything too exciting, I've really just been seeing friends and making the most of this beautiful weather we've been having. One thing I do think has been big for me this month is that I've really changed as a person in a way. I know it sounds pretentious but my mindset has changed so much and I feel a lot more positive and accepting of myself. I have a post or two coming soon about it so I'll go into more detail then, but yes I've just been a lot more happy I'm pleased to say. 

So that's my month in a nutshell, what about yours?

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Lunch In Skipton

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The last thing I did before me and my Dad went home at the weekend was have a walk and eat lunch in Skipton before the coach came to pick us up. We decided to walk along the canal and we came across a pub called The Royal Shepherd and for the first time in ages I had a Sunday roast dinner! I don't normally go crazy for roast dinners but it was so good despite the fact there was no stuffing which is usually my favourite part. Unfortunately we only had an hour and a bit in Skipton so didn't get to go up to the castle or around many shops, but here are a few snaps that I managed to get!

Picking The Perfect Blue Polish

You may remember a post a did back in May called picking the perfect pink nail polish, I really loved putting it together and you folks seemed to like it too, so I thought I would bring the post back however this time we are talking all about blue polishes to help you find your perfect blue shade. So yes once again I have five completely different blue nail polishes to show you, accompanied by a small review of each to find out which shade is my favourite and of course to see if any take your fancy!

1. Bourjois Paris 1 Seconde Nail Polish in Blue | £5.99

First up we have this borderline turquoise type shade from Bourjois which is part of their quick drying polish range. I LOVE this shade, it is a real bright summer polish and the perfect blue shade to bring out a tan. In terms of being quick drying this stuff is really quick, but obviously 1 second just isn't true, I feel Bourjois make a lot of really ridiculous claims with their products, they say that this dries in a one second stroke which just ain't so but like I said it does dry really quick, definitely under a minute and it also is pretty much opaque in one coat! The wide brush is also useful with this polish however I did find this polish applied streaky and didn't last long at all before chipping. So yes love the quick drying aspect and the colour but I just don't get on with formula I'm afraid.

2. Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours Nail Polish in Blue Bath | £1.99

Next up I have a real budget blue option in the form of this Miss Sporty Polish. I picked this up ages ago to test the formula and to have a basic blue shade in my collection. I really like the colour of this personally, it's just a muted medium blue shade that isn't too bright, it applies ok with a wide brush but does go on streaky and needs two coats just to make sure it's completely opaque. As you can imagine however the formula isn't great and chips really quickly. Personally I think having a crappy polish is ok if you invest in a good topcoat, just make sure you like the colour. 

3. Bourjois Paris So Laque Ultra Shine Nail Polish in Bleu Fableux | £5.99

For the latter of my Bourjois blue shades I present this dark but bright blue shade with a super shiny finish. I talked about this in a nail of the day post so I'm not going to write a novel about this one. Like the previous Bourjois Polish I freakin love the shade but the formulation just ain't there, this formulation also takes ages to dry and applies really horribly with the thin brush, I'm just gutted because I love the shade so much. 

4. Ciate Nail Polish in Ferris Wheel | £9.00

My most pricey polish from the list is this pastel blue shade from Ciate. Ever since getting their advent calendar around Christmas I've loved the brand, particularly the packaging and formula which lasts really well. The only downside for me is that the polish can apply streaky and uneven sometimes, even with the wide brush, but I do really like this shade and the formula does last. 

5. Barry M Gelly High Shine Polish in Blueberry | £3.99

For my final polish we have this slightly different blue shade from Barry M's very popular Gelly Hi Shine range which personally I love. The formulations of these polishes are so good and apply well despite the thin brush which usually I just can't stand. The colour has something more muted and lilacy to it which I really like and it's the only polish I've worn which has made a person come from an opposite side of a room to question me about it (branch manager at a bank I internshipped at, very strange moment). So in conclusion, lovely colour, great value formula, what's not to like. 

Coming to a conclusion with my blue polishes is hard, I definitely love the Bourjois colours but the formula just isn't there for me, overall it has to be Barry M's Blueberry, the shade isn't too bright so goes with anything, any season in my opinion and applies and lasts well on the nails. Thanks so much for reading and making it this far x

Which polish is your favourite? What is your go to blue polish in your collection?

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

At The Lake

For my next instalment on what I did over the weekend in Lancashire I am sharing the first part on what we did on the Sunday. It's so beautiful where my Grandparents live and my Nan suggested going to Clitheroe Fisheries for an ice cream but she didn't mention the amazing scenery I was about to see! Clitheroe Fisheries is basically a lake and and some other bits of water for fishing on, we could see loads of tents and fisherman out by the lake, and they also have chalets which I bet are amazing to stay in overnight at this time of year. The lake is also right next to Pendle hill which I really want to walk up at some point! So here are my favourite pictures from Clitheroe Fisheries.

Monday, 28 July 2014

NOTD 02 | Hopscotch

For my 2nd nail of the day post I am wearing the brightest orange nail polish in my collection in the form of Hopscotch. I really like this fizzy orange summer shade and the Ciate formulas are really nice. I also like that this has a wide brush making the polish apply smoothly and it also lasts really well on the nails and I often can go around 5 days with a good top coat before this starts to chip!

What do you think to this colour polish?

An Evening Walk In Colne

Hey folks, apologies for the slight hiatus over the past few days, on Thursday my Dad suggested that me and him visit my Grandparents in Lancashire at the weekend and my gosh guys I've actually had the most lovely time away. Of course I brought my camera with me and made the most of the gorgeous countryside over there as you really appreciate it when you live in the middle of the city. I'm going to post my pictures either in two or three posts but here is the first and it's from the first evening we were there on the Saturday. My Dad always pesters me to come out for walks when I visit my Grandparents and this was the first time I asked him if we could go for a walk, which I do think shocked him quite a bit. We ended up doing a pretty big circular around the countryside in the small town that my Nan lives in, so here are my favourite photos that I took! 

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Bronzer as Eyeshadow?

I'm not a huge fan of bronzer. I struggle most of the time with my pale skin to not get something that looks too orange or muddy on my cheeks. Contouring is a definite no no for the most part but I don't mind adding a little glow to my cheeks at this time of year, just to fake maybe catching the sun a little which is very rare for me. You probably all saw it but back at the beginning of spring Tanya Burr did a little everyday makeup tutorial for the spring and summer season and she used bronzer as eyeshadow. I'd never heard of the trick before, but because I do love a good warm shadow at this time of year, not to mention a matte one, I gave it a go and I actually really like the look. It gives a warm bit of definition to the face and paired with the bronzer on the cheeks as well really helps warm up your complexion.

Have you ever tried this trick?